My Astral Projection

Astral projection (or astral travel) is a term used in esotericism to describe an intentional out-of-body-experience  (OBE) that assumes the existence of a soul or consciousness called an “astral body” that is separate from the physical body and capable of travelling outside it throughout the universe

I thought I would share a basic definition of what astral projection is for those who do not know. I am going to describe my experience from last night as best as i can. Side note before we get started… If you are not familiar with astral projection, starseeds, lucid dreaming, past lives, energy, rasing your vibes and 5d ascension… This might not make too much sense. I will be making posts on those subjects as well. Try to think of it like this though… there are colors that our words can not define – There were feelings that one would truly have to feel themselves to get what I am saying – The sounds were sounds I have only heard a few times before in my life, and that was many many years ago when I was blessed enough to experience DMT. I have tried to astral project countless times, and have gotten close. The thing is when I get to the brink of it my brain realizes what is happening and goes “Holy shit, this is amazing” and I get jolted awake. Maybe there are reasons I have never been able to totally project until now, maybe I needed more time to accept or maybe I just was not ready… Either way, here goes my story…

I have always had issues sleeping, as soon as I lay down my brain starts going through everything in the world. Friday night was no exception, so I grabbed my “do-nut disturb me” mask and buckled in for the ride of insomnia. My eyes felt like a strange mix of closed and open, I was in a trance-like state of being. I started to see the night sky as if i was laying down under the stars, somewhere nothing else could come between us- me and the sky that is. I remembered staring at the stars and wondering my usual wonders: What is out there? Can I please go there? I do not feel like I belong on this planet. Where is my place in all this? After a few minutes I noticed what I could only describe as translucent clouds of pink, purple and blue start to form into a sort of galaxy over the stars. It was not still, but constantly moving- pulsating if you will. I imagine in reality it was pulsating with my brain waves, but what i was seeing was space dust forming into the most colorful galaxy right in front of my eyes. After a few minutes of this – it was almost like when a airplane flies over the clouds, I had gone through the space dust and there were millions of stars laid out on an endless black blanket of universe. I remember looking at the stars now and they were so much brighter than a few minutes prior. Now they were not only stars, but they were stars that were emanating a light blue ripple of energy, not a round ripple like when you used to throw rocks in the river as a kid- but more of a mandala energy. Each star had their own energy force coming off of it and they were just pulsating and would change from light blue to green.

This is the part where I usually would jolt awake, but for some reason my brain allowed me to stay this time. Mayhaps I have finally proven myself in the big scheme of the universe to be worthy of being shown this. I have not only been working late every night on researching everything, but I have really been taking it in and making sure it seeps into my brain. I looked over to my left and saw what appeared to be a endless glass wall. I drifted over to it, and through it I could slightly see the outline of a hand coming towards mine from the far side of the glass wall. This hand looked similar to mine, but also very different. The hand and fingers themselves were elongated, a blueish grey color and did not have skin like a human and it seemed to have a glow/shimmer to it- but not like the lame vampires from Twilight. *Just to make things clear, all of the things happening are happening from a 3rd person POV* I could hear myself asking the same questions repeatedly, however these questions were being asked telepathically. As I said, this is from a 3rd person POV- So I am watching all of this happen as a spectator (spectating yourself is such a strange feeling btw). I asked this being with my mind “Am I from where you are from?” and “Are you what I am/ Am I what you are?” I asked these same questions to this being three times (remember this- it comes into play). The third time I finished asking the face came forward to the glass quickly. This was not done in a way to show aggression and did not scare me, I feel it was just time for me to see. The face came right up to the glass and I looked at it, and it was beautiful. It resembled a human, but so much more at the same time. The skin color was the same as the hand color, that pretty blueish-grey with the glow of energy. The woman (yes, I believe this was a woman) had large eyes, not like the Zeta but large nonetheless. The skin did not appear as our human skin on Earth, it was not scales either though… it was something with an energy texture (that’s the only way I can describe it), yet where the chin/jawbone was there seemed to be almost small beads or crystals. This could have been jewelry or some form of decoration. I got right up to the glass and put my hand up, and so did she. There were no words spoken, not even telepathically, but there were so many different feelings flowing through me as I held my hand up to hers with just a glass wall separating us. As I am typing this I am thinking maybe this was no glass wall at all, but maybe a wall of energy or possibly a view to another dimension. I felt happy, enlightened, aware, confused and sad all at the same time. Before I knew it there was a feeling of free falling. It was almost like some sort of vacuum sucked me all the way back through everything I just saw, piece by piece. It was over as quick as it began, but at the same time felt like I was there at least an hour.

So that is my first astral projection experience and I am hoping it will not be my last. There are a few things that I feel like I would like to explain, as this is not only for others to read- but also a digital reminder for myself of this experience. The woman/being I saw is what I believe to be an Andromedan from Andromeda. I have starseed ties to Andromeda as well as a few others, but the main one is Andromeda. I have been researching all the things I can find and seeing how they resonate with me, as well as having readings done by different people- they all point to the same origin… Andromeda. I have been feeling extra out of place here lately, alone, depressed, anxious and longing for something far beyond this place. These are also symptoms of a spiritual awakening. I thought i had mine a while ago, but upon further reflection- that was only the beginning- I feel I am just now having my true spiritual awakening. By all of the things I have been through in the past few years paired with my longings and memories, it makes perfect sense. When many people think of a spiritual awakening they think of it as some beautiful light that takes over your body and just turns you into one big ray of fucking sunshine. The truth is, it could not be more opposite. So many things are drudged up, things you thought you forgot about or at least blocked out. Your mind is becoming one with the energies of the universe and it goes into overload remembering who you really are and all the things that come along with it. You will have so many feelings and things you will want to discuss with friends and family, but the sad fact is many people will simply not believe you. I have been told I am dramatic or delusional for believing the things I do, so I just tried to block all of it out and forget it. Some of us are meant for bigger and better things though. If you keep feeling the same feelings, having the same thoughts and coming back to the same crossroads in your life- there is your sign to pursue it further. Remember when I said that I asked the question three times? Three has always been a specific number for me. Normally I do things in even numbers only or the numbers 3 or 13. 3 has continued to cross my path lately, so for me that was a sign.

I hope to be able to make more posts like this in the future. I will definitely be making some posts on the following soon:

*Spiritual Awakenings

*Starseeds, Star races and hybrids

*Karmic debt in this lifetime

*Past lives


*Zodiac and how it corresponds to all things

*DMT/ my experience

For now, I am going to call it a night. My mind still keeps replaying this over and over and I am still processing what happened.