Being the “witchy mom”

So I feel like I should start this out by saying this is not aimed at any one person, if anyone chooses to take it that way- so be it. I have met a ton of supportive moms/women through the community. Unfortunately not all are like this though. My friends know I am the “witchy mom”, the one who does the moon rituals, has jars of herbs, shelves of oils and the altar in her bedroom. You know the kind right? I promise you the majority of us are downright fucking awesome. However, there comes a stigma with being this type of mom (why that matters, I’ll never know)

I have never fit in with the ” normal” crowd, and I hate to categorize humans like that… Let’s be real though, it happens… We are all human, and humans judge. So when I got pregnant I knew that I would never be that prim and proper Pintrest perfect mom, nor did I want to be. I have been labeled many things in my years, but surprisingly most of the hurtful things have been hurled at me by fellow mothers. I have been called a devil worshiper, told to not join groups, been mocked, dropped and just about anything else you can think of. The most hurtful was when a woman said to me, “Women like you should not be allowed to have children, all you are going to do is rot their brain with devil talk. Maybe if you let God into your life, you could become a worthy mother”. This… this was appalling, and even worse she had others on her side condemning me without even knowing me.

I guess let’s address the elephant in the room before I go any further… No, I do not believe in the biblical God, nor do I believe in the biblical Devil. I have my reasons, and they are mine… No one will ever change my mind. Do I have a problem with religious people? Absolutely not, some of my closest friends are extremely religious. Crazy thing is, they also respect my beliefs. I grew up in the church, youth group, bible study, church choir… You name it, and I was there. My reasons on why I believe what I believe are not for this post, but please know I will defend them until I no longer walk this planet.

Back to the parenting community… It is so hard to find friends and be who I really am because the minute they find out I am a witch- things change. Do you know how many followers I have lost since speaking up more openly about this? Over 300… I know what you are thinking “Oooohh followers, gross you are that kind of person”. No, it’s not like that. I work with companies on Instagram, and that’s part of the way I make money to help my son. So, in a small way yes… followers do matter. The instagram community has so many sub-communities and I feel like I am just stuck somewhere in between. It reminds me of my younger years, wanting to fit in…but not ever really doing it.

Do I think I am special because I am classified as a witch? Shit no… I am just a woman from Texas who follows a slightly different path. I do not believe in harming others, fucking with free will or doing anything that could come back negative on me. That is the biggest misconception I think. There is such a stereotype around witchcraft, mainly caused by mainstream everything- and it’s incorrect. Yes, there are bad ones out there, but there are also bad religious people. If you have made it this far and are wondering to yourself, why is she ranting about all this? I will sum it up with a TLDR; I am a witch. I am not bad, and I am a phenomenal mother. I feel like I don’t fit in the parenting community while I am being my true self. I don’t want to be judged, and I don’t gate anyone of any religion. I am just a normal mom with different beliefs than the “norm”

I am still new to this blogging this, so right now this is a rant space for me. Again, understand these are my feeling I have to express. I have a small group of wonderful people, but there are some nasty ones out there too.