The Untold Stories of Motherhood ➳ Volume II : Mental Health

This was a very hard post for me to open up about to the world. Having these ladies open up about their problems gave me the courage to as well. It’s okay to not be okay! As much support as there is in the parenting community, there is a just as much judgement and shaming. Shaming someone for needing medication, therapy or even a break is not okay. We never know what someone else is going though, especially on Instagram. I have made so many connections with mothers all over the world who come from all walks of life. I know that perfect pintrest mom that is everyone’s “inspo/goals”, but I also know her struggles and they are real. I am friends with that beauty influencer who always looks gorgeous, what you don’t see are the days she can’t get out of bed because of her depression. I know the crafty mom, the traveling mom, the fashionista, the minimal living and any other mama you can think of…. I am here to tell you none of them are perfect. The thing that sets many of us apart is we are living with mental illness, and we’re here to make our voices heard. Something I have realized now that I have come out of the darkest times in my life (times I did not think I would make it through), is there is always hope and there is always someone who will understand what you’re going through. I am going to do the same thing as last time and share with you each of these courageous stories from these women. Reading these stories made me tear up and many of us have gotten private messages from others that range from gratitude to talking about their problems. That is what we’re here for, we’re here for you. I hope you will continue to follow all of our stories, and feel free to message any topic you would like discussed. We see you, we are you and we love you!